Special Planned 150 m2 Cabin House

Special Planned 150 m2 Cabin House

In a quiet area of ​​Bağdaş village surrounded by natural beauties, a 150 square meter cabin house stands out with its special design. This unique building offers a perfect harmony of modern architecture and traditional cabin style, promising a life in touch with nature. This house, where natural materials are carefully used, prioritizes sustainability and energy efficiency as well as an aesthetic appearance.

Striking with its exterior, stone, and wood combination, this cabin house is an architectural masterpiece that easily blends in with its surroundings. With a large and inviting front porch, the house is the perfect option for those who want to enjoy the great views of the village and spend time outdoors. In addition, it is very pleasant to sit on the patio to observe the surrounding natural beauty more closely and enjoy the sunset.

The interior arrangement is designed to offer a modern and useful living space. The open-plan kitchen, living room, and dining area take up ample space, creating an intimate atmosphere for family members and guests. High ceilings and large windows allow plenty of natural light to enter, creating a spacious atmosphere. Colors and wooden floors in harmony with nature provide the house with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The other rooms of the cabin house have a practical arrangement to meet the needs. Spacious bedrooms offer all the necessary facilities for a comfortable sleep, while modern and stylish bathrooms provide the perfect space to unwind. There is also a multi-purpose room that can be used as a study or a guest bedroom.

This specially designed cabin house was built with energy efficiency in mind. Renewable energy sources and energy-efficient lighting systems enable the house to operate in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, water-saving armatures and insulation materials minimize the energy and water consumption of the house.

As a result, this 150 m2 cabin house, surrounded by the beauties of nature, is a unique structure that combines the comfort of modern life and the peace intertwined with nature. Its warm and inviting atmosphere, combined with the aesthetic use of natural materials, offers an unforgettable living experience to the owners of this cabin. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful life, this private cabin house may be just for you.
Special Planned 150 m2 Cabin House

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This special cabin house has been designed not only in terms of environmental awareness and energy efficiency but also in terms of functionality and comfort. The interior arrangement has been prepared with all the necessary details in mind to improve the quality of life.

The spacious and bright kitchen area of ​​the cabin house is equipped with modern kitchen equipment. Colors and wooden details in harmony with nature create a natural atmosphere in the kitchen, while quality worktops and modern appliances facilitate daily life in the kitchen. The dining area is an ideal space to spend pleasant meal times with family and friends. The open plan makes it easy to interact with other family members and guests while cooking or setting the table.

The living room is furnished with comfortable and stylish furnishings, adding a richness to both warmth and atmosphere with a wood-burning stove or a modern fireplace. Large windows bring the natural landscape outside indoors, providing a tranquil environment for homeowners and guests.

Bedrooms are equipped with comfortable beds and storage spaces. Well-designed lighting is intended for a comfortable sleep and a relaxing atmosphere. The rooms are decorated with natural colors and soft textures, creating a peaceful sanctuary inside.

The bathrooms are equipped with modern fixtures and stylish designs, offering a luxurious spa feel. Detailed decoration and quality materials allow you to have pleasant moments in the bathroom. In addition, environmental water-saving measures in bathrooms contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the home.

This cabin house of 150 m2 attracts attention with its open spaces. A custom-designed backyard or patio provides the perfect space to host guests, hold garden parties, or simply enjoy nature. This area, decorated with natural stones, wooden furniture, and flowers, becomes an indispensable part of peaceful moments.

As a result, this specially planned cabin house of 150 m2 offers a unique place that combines the requirements of modern life and the beauties of nature. Thanks to its aesthetically appealing exterior design and the functionality of the interior, it offers homeowners and guests unforgettable memories and a peaceful living experience. For those who want to enjoy modern comfort in nature, this private cabin house can be a true paradise.



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