1025 m2 Wooden Design House

1025 m2 Wooden Design House

Imagine a house that brings the warmth and beauty of nature indoors. Here is a stylish wooden design house of 1025 square meters! This private house has original architecture that combines modern and natural elements.

Wood is the basic design element of the house and it shows itself everywhere. The exterior is covered with large wood panels and blends perfectly into the natural environment surrounding the house. This charming wood texture creates a warm atmosphere even when viewed from the outside.

When you step inside the house, the elegance and natural texture of wood surround you. A large entrance hall leads you to other parts of the house. Wooden floors give a warm feeling, while ceilings create a high sense of spaciousness. The lighting combines with the natural light from the windows and creates a natural atmosphere while illuminating the interiors of the house.

The living areas in the house are furnished in a modern style. A spacious living room is equipped with comfortable and stylish furniture. A large fireplace is placed in the center of the room and creates a warm atmosphere. Next to the living room is a large open-plan kitchen. Wooden cabinets and countertops add rustic elegance to the kitchen area, while modern appliances and appliances add functionality.

The bedrooms of the house are designed for comfort and convenience. Each is spacious and bright, receiving natural light from large windows. Wood veneers and a natural color palette create a harmonious atmosphere. Also, the bedrooms have large balconies that showcase the surrounding landscape. These balconies reinforce the feeling of being in touch with nature and offer a peaceful escape point.

Outside the house is a large garden and terrace area. A wooden deck is an ideal place to enjoy outdoor dining. The garden is surrounded by local vegetation and offers a natural setting. This area is the perfect place to spend time with family and friends.
1025 m2 Wooden Design House

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The home’s width of 1025 square meters provides plenty of space for your family and guests. A separate study can be used as a home office or offers a quiet place to focus on your projects. Also, a space can be reserved to create a game room or gym.

One of the most striking features of the house is the large glass windows. These windows allow the interior to integrate with the exterior landscape. Natural light spreads to every corner of the house and adds vitality to the interiors. At the same time, it brings the beauty of the garden into the house and creates a peaceful environment.

The garden draws attention with its landscape design. The green areas are adorned with colorful flowers and local plant species. Outdoor furniture provides a comfortable space for outdoor activities. You can also add special touches like a pool or jacuzzi so you can cool off and relax in the summer.

This 1025 square meter wooden design home combines a modern lifestyle with natural elements. The wood texture gives a feeling of warmth and comfort, while the modern interiors offer a contemporary style. Spacious spaces provide plenty of room for your family and guests, and the open-air area offers a life in touch with nature.

If you are looking for a natural and contemporary home, this 1025 square meter wooden design house can offer you the perfect living space. While every detail in this house combines aesthetics and functionality, it offers you a peaceful and luxurious living experience.



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