97 Square Meters Tiny House Design

97 Square Meters Tiny House Design

Tiny houses require making the most of limited space. As a first step, plan the space carefully to create a functional design. You can make your living space feel larger and more spacious by using an open plan. You may consider combining areas such as the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. This will make the space more open and useful.

Pay particular attention to storage areas. Creating extra storage areas in tiny homes reduces clutter and makes the space look tidy. Shelves that can be placed on the walls, storage areas under drawers, and storage areas in attics can help you with this.

The use of light and color is essential in a tiny house. Bright colors and light tones make the space look larger and more spacious. It’s also essential to bring in natural light by using large windows or sliding doors. This helps you both save energy and brighten the interior.

Furniture selection is also very important. You can make the most of your space by using compact and multifunctional furniture. For example, you can design your bed as a platform bed with drawers so there is storage underneath. Furniture such as folding tables and chairs are also useful.

Don’t forget the exterior of your tiny house. A small garden or terrace is a great opportunity to expand your living space. You can make this area useful with garden furniture and vegetation.

Energy efficiency is another important issue to consider. Well-insulated walls save energy and increase comfort. You can also reduce your energy costs by using energy-efficient lighting and heating systems.
97 Square Meters Tiny House Design

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Storey Design: You can create a multi-story design by using the ceiling height of your tiny house. You can create storage areas or living spaces underneath by placing your bedroom or work area on a high platform.

Smart Home Technologies: Smart thermostats, lighting control systems, and other smart devices you can use to increase energy efficiency can make life in your tiny home more comfortable.

Flexible Furniture: You can use the same space for different purposes by using furniture such as foldable furniture, wall beds, multi-purpose tables, and chairs. This gives you the flexibility to rearrange your living space as needed.

Portable Walls: You can use portable walls or partition systems to divide or combine rooms when necessary. This allows you to customize your living space as per need.

Outdoor Use: You can expand your living space by using outdoor spaces such as balconies, terraces, or gardens. You can organize these areas as dining areas, seating areas, or garden areas.


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    Hi wanted to know on average what does a tiny, one bedroom tiny house cost? The interior, cabinets and kitchen all setup on wheels cost?

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