Privacy Policy

The information of the members is processed for various purposes on our website. During or after becoming a member, you log in some data to our website as data. Our company collects this personal data.

Our company receives information on the membership page about contacting everyone who wants to become a member during the membership phase, in cases such as advertising, promotion. The personal contact information you have provided is used in this way. This information is often used to promote a new product. If you do not want to be contacted in any way about this, you can contact us.

Our company may also share the contact information you have provided with the companies we cooperate with for certain advertisements. Generally, the contact information you have provided is used to contact you. We are contacting you about membership or a different topic.

Our company undertakes to keep your  personal data, which it has provided during membership or later, confidential, not to be used unauthorized, not to be shared with any other person. We inform you that we will take care of the security measures we have provided for you in this regard.In some cases, your personal data may be shared with another organization or company, but this is a very limited situation. We can list these situations as follows;

  • In the case of information requested by the competent authorities in accordance with any legal procedure
  • In cases where its use is optional or mandatory in accordance with the membership agreement
  • Due to the issuance of any law or norm, due to the obligation to comply with the rules
  • In any case aimed at protecting the interests and rights of members

Pay Security

Credit cards are usually used for purchases made through our site. We inform you that your card information is not backed up in any way on our company’s website when you make purchases with a credit card. We do not have your credit card information registered on our website. You will need to enter your credit card information again when you make purchases. This information is not shared with anyone or the company.

When paying by credit card, you must make sure that you are on the correct website. After shopping, we regularly check important details such as invoices and deliveries and try to ensure that you do not experience any victimization. If you are creating an order for the first time, you should make sure that your address and contact information are correct. All your personal data that you declare while becoming a member are arranged according to the information you provide. The responsibility here lies with you. If you have any problems with the bank and the payment cannot be paid, you can contact your bank and request help to solve the problem.

When you have a problem with the website at many stages, such as membership or paying, you can contact customer service and request them to provide a solution. Thus, you can ensure that the problem is solved in a short time.

Our company is not responsible for the orders you have placed from another website through advertising or links while shopping online from our store. Our company is only responsible for orders placed through the website it uses. All the data we use in accordance with the privacy policy is not shared with a third party.

You can send an e-mail when contacting us during membership creation or post-order transactions. However, do not share your personal data such as credit card information, password by e-mail or message through any communication. Our store cannot guarantee the storage of this information.

Privacy rules may change in some periods. Addition or subtraction can be made to the laws. In such cases, the contracts may also be updated as of the date of entry into force of the regulation or law.

If you have any questions about the information mentioned and about the privacy rules, you can contact us.

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