Special Design 142 Sqm Farmhouse

Special Design 142 Sqm Farmhouse

The farmhouse exterior is designed with rustic elegance. Wood and stone details add natural character to the house, while large windows let in plenty of daylight. The house is surrounded by a farm-style garden and flower beds, planned to harmonize with the surrounding natural beauty.

In the interior, a spacious and functional arrangement attracts attention. The open-plan kitchen and living room increase the interaction of family members, while ample counters and modern appliances maximize the cooking experience. The rustically decorated living room, with its comfortable armchairs and warm color palette, is an ideal place to relax and host guests.

The bedrooms of the house prioritize comfort and private areas. The natural scenery flows in from the large windows, while the wooden floors and natural tones fill the rooms with a warm atmosphere. The master bedroom combines with a private bathroom and dressing room, reflecting a relaxed lifestyle.

This farmhouse offers a fascinating experience not only with its interiors but also with its outdoor living spaces. Spacious verandas and outdoor seating areas are ideal for enjoying moments in spring and summer. In addition, the barbecue area and vegetable garden in the backyard allow family members to have fun activities and grow their produce.

The sustainability and energy efficiency of the house has not been overlooked either. Modern features such as solar panels and energy-efficient lighting systems support an environmentally conscious lifestyle.

As a result, the 142 square meters specially designed farmhouse combines the possibilities of modern life with traditional farm aesthetics, offering a warm, peaceful, and impressive living space. The days spent in the beauties of nature will turn into unforgettable memories for those living in this house.
Special Design 142 Sqm Farmhouse

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The expansive land around the farmhouse offers a unique opportunity for natural beauty and activities. Ideal for families, this place is packed with activities such as playgrounds for children, bike trails, and nature walks. At the same time, if the owners are animal lovers, they can have the opportunity to host their animal friends by building a small animal shelter or barn next to the farmhouse.

Simplicity and functionality are prioritized in the overall design of the house. The natural materials and rustic details used in the interiors ensure that the farmhouse is filled with a warm and inviting atmosphere. Modern furniture, antique pieces, and handcrafted decorative items are among the details that reflect the character of the house.

The house stands out with its energy efficiency and environmentally friendly features. Elements such as highly insulated walls, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems, and water-saving fixtures aim to both conserve natural resources and provide homeowners with long-term financial advantages.

However, the farmhouse offers an integrated life not only with its interiors but also with its surroundings. The organic vegetable and orchards in the garden encourage a healthy lifestyle by allowing homeowners to grow their produce. At the same time, the garden area can be used as an ideal venue for events; It provides the perfect space for outdoor meals, picnics, and nature activities.



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