Professional Small House Design 6 x 7m

Professional Small House Design 6 x 7m

Today, the increasing population and high-cost housing have increased the popularity of small house designs. A professional small house design of 6×7 meters should be carefully planned to create a useful and stylish living space. A house of this size should meet the needs of modern life by combining functionality and aesthetics.

This exemplary tiny house design has been thoughtfully arranged to maximize usable space and offer comfortable living. While the exterior draws attention with its modern architectural lines and minimalist design, the interiors are planned to offer a heartwarming and spacious atmosphere.

There is a large porch area at the entrance of the house. This is a welcoming space for family members and guests. From the moment the entrance door is opened, thanks to the natural colors and light tones used in the interior design of the house, spaciousness and serenity are felt in the interior.

The house is designed with a modern open-plan concept. The living room, dining area, and kitchen are interconnected and integrated. Most of the walls are painted white or neutral, making the space appear larger. Large windows allow daylight to flood in, illuminating the interior of the house and warming it with natural light.

The kitchen is designed to prioritize functionality. Even in a small space, sufficient storage and workspace are provided, thanks to modern worktops, flat-floor cabinets, and smart storage areas. The dining area is furnished with a modern dining table and chairs and is a place where family members can gather and enjoy themselves.

The house has a bedroom where comfort and privacy are important. The minimalist decoration makes the room a clean and calm atmosphere. A large window allows natural light to enter the bedroom, while privacy is maintained at night with appropriate curtains.

The bathroom attracts attention with its stylish and modern design. Convenient washbasin units, shower stalls, and elegant fixtures combine functionality and aesthetics. Also, various cabinets and shelves have been added to increase the storage space.

Outside the house, a small garden or terrace area is considered. This area offers a relaxing space for those who love to be in touch with nature. The garden, which is decorated with plants and flowers, adds a pleasant appearance to the exterior of the house, while at the same time offering a peaceful environment.
Professional Small House Design 6 x 7m

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This tiny house design takes an environmentally friendly approach, with an emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiency. An energy system based on renewable energy sources can be considered at home. Solar panels can be located on the roof and use solar energy to meet the energy needs of the house. This is an important step towards reducing the ecological footprint while reducing energy bills and reducing the impact on the environment.

Another important feature of the design is that it includes flexible and multi-purpose areas. In addition to the bedroom, an area that can be used as a useful workspace or guest room can be considered. Also, the use of space can be optimized by considering storage solutions such as pull-out beds in the design of the bedroom.

Furniture and decoration in the house should also be chosen by the characteristics of the design. The minimalist style, which combines functionality and elegance, makes the interiors of a small house look more spacious and organized. Creative storage solutions keep things in the house organized and prevent clutter.

The design can also include features that will integrate interiors with exteriors. Large sliding glass doors or windows provide easy access to the garden or terrace area and create a spacious feeling by merging the interiors with the outdoors. The outdoors offers an ideal space for outdoor activities and relaxation in good weather conditions.



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