25 Sqm Country House

25 Sqm Country House

Cottages are the perfect option for those who want a peaceful getaway in nature. This small country house of 25 square meters offers an ideal place to relax and renew in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Although it is small, it creates a spacious feeling thanks to the interior arrangement and the materials used.

This pleasant cottage is covered with wood paneling and is surrounded by a stunning natural landscape. There is a small veranda in front where it is possible to sit and enjoy the view with a wooden chair and table. When you step on the veranda, you immediately feel yourself in nature.

When you enter the interior, a warm and inviting atmosphere greets you. A small sitting area is equipped with a comfortable armchair and a floor mat with cute cushions. There is also a sofa that can be used as a pull-out bed. The colors inside imitate natural tones, creating a cozy ambiance and giving you an embracing feeling.

A small kitchen area has enough facilities to meet your basic cooking needs. A mini fridge, microwave, and stove allow you to prepare simple meals. There are several plates, glasses, and utensils on the kitchen counter.

A small bathroom is adequately equipped to meet basic hygiene needs. The shower, sink, and toilet make practical use of the small space. It has a clean and modern design.

In this country house, time spent outside is important to integrate with nature. You can create a small picnic area or fire pit in the garden and dine al fresco. The surrounding natural beauties are waiting to be discovered. You can go hiking, or biking, or head to the nearby forest for a day’s adventure filled with nature.
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This 25-square-meter country house is the perfect option for those who embrace a simple lifestyle and want to be in touch with nature. It offers comfort in its small size and has everything needed for a peaceful getaway. provides all kinds of facilities. Spending time here helps you get away from the stress of daily life and recharge yourself.

The surroundings of the country house are fascinating with their natural beauty. It is located in greenery and offers an atmosphere full of bird sounds. It is ideal for nature walks in the surrounding area and relaxes your mind and body with its fresh air.

Its small size provides the perfect opportunity for those who embrace minimalism. It is an ideal option for those who want to live with few things, get away from unnecessary complexity and adopt a simple lifestyle. You can lead a simple and orderly life by having the basic items you need in the country house.

The 25-square-meter cottage is the perfect option for a romantic weekend getaway, a creative retreat, or a quiet vacation. This is the perfect place to explore the natural beauty, read, write, or simply enjoy the quiet.



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