Minimalist 36 Square Meters House Model

Minimalist 36 Square Meters House Model

Minimalism is a lifestyle that has gained popularity in recent years and is reflected in the design of homes. For those who adopt a minimalist lifestyle, living in a small house offers the perfect opportunity to reduce unnecessary items and clutter. A 36-square-meter house is an ideal size for those who adopt a minimalist lifestyle. It is possible to create a comfortable and functional living space even in such a small space.

This minimalist house model is characterized by a practical and functional arrangement. An open-plan layout is adopted to make the best use of the space. The entrance, living area, dining area, and kitchen are located together. In this way, instead of dividing the space into separate rooms, a feeling of spaciousness is created, giving the feeling of a larger space.

The selection of furniture should have simple and clean lines with a minimalist design aesthetic. Furniture pieces should be chosen so that they can be used for multiple purposes. For example, the dining table can also be used as a desk or the sitting area can be turned into a sleeping area. Focusing on functionality, this design provides efficient use in the field.

Storage space is very important in a 36-square-foot home. Various storage options should be used, such as cabinets, built-in shelving, and wall-mounted storage units to save space. In this way, every corner of the house can be used effectively and provides enough space to store unnecessary items.

The color palette usually focuses on neutral tones in minimalist homes. By using colors such as white, gray, and beige, a spacious feeling is created and the space appears larger. In a minimalist home, excessive decoration is avoided and a simple and clean look is preferred.

Natural light plays a big role in this tiny house model. Windows should be kept as large as possible and lightened with curtains. Unnecessary obstacles that may block the light should be avoided. Thus, by allowing more natural light into the house, the space feels brighter and more spacious.
Minimalist 36 Square Meters House Model

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In this model of the house, the living area and the sleeping area can coexist. You can use the space efficiently by using a bed that can be folded under the bed or against the wall. In addition, a multi-purpose space can be created by using a wall-mountable desk or a folding table. Thus, you can use both your work and dining area in the same place.

Order and storage are important in a minimalist home. You can store your belongings in and on the cabinets in an organized manner. You can also create additional storage space by using shelving systems or hangers that can be mounted on the walls. In this way, it will be easier to keep your home organized and avoid unnecessary items.

Color selection and decoration also determine the atmosphere of a minimalist home. While neutral colors provide a minimalist look, the use of wood and natural materials gives a feeling of warmth and naturalness. A small selection of decorative objects or plants can add a nice touch to your home, but it’s important not to overdo it.

In this house model, outdoor areas such as balconies or terraces can also be included to provide access to the open air. By using these areas with a small herb garden or sitting area, you can connect with nature and spend time outside.



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