Dream Tiny Living

Dream Tiny Living

Tiny house, that is, mobile small houses, is one of the areas that is seen as a trend, and almost everyone with a budget invests first. These houses meet many needs but are much smaller than a standard house. The tiny house life has adopted the caravan culture by pulling these houses to areas such as the seashore, lakeside, woodland, and vacant land, which attracts a lot of attention with their stylish designs and tiny dimensions, a lifestyle for itself. It is the modernized version for those who live and want to live in these minimalist houses.

Recently, more and more people have started to step into tiny life by putting their housing loans aside. Digital nomadism and dream tiny living trends are increasing lifestyles. Those living styles, which are much lower in cost, can offer a comfortable life all year long if the right planning, quality materials are provided, and extensive preparations are made. So why are more and more families opting for the trailer life? What are the advantages and challenges of dream tiny living? All of this and more, in this article we discuss this new generation of accommodation.

Dream Tiny Living

Dream tiny living creates a unique opportunity for you to experience the natural beauties and provides the privilege of living all four seasons together with its wheeled models. In that way, your holidays are not limited to the weekend but can last for many years. In addition, it is in a preferable location due to its attractive above-ground richness.

What Is a Tiny House Without Wheels?

These products of dream tiny living without wheels are demanded by the economically low segments and those who need products that are suitable for zoned lands. Containers or similar constructions should be observed in the area where the installation is made, setting a precedent for unzoned lands. If there is no such construction, you can contact the relevant municipality and your neighborhood, and together with the decision made as a result of whether such structures can be built or not, portable house production without wheels is carried out. The lengths and widths of these products are the same. The height of the house without wheels should be 3.20cm. The reason for this is that it should be produced in such a way that it does not touch the height of the overpass and bridge on the highway when going to the address on the road with the (Lowbed) type heavy load transportation that will carry these products. Wheels can be attached to this product, but a license and plate cannot be obtained.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Tiny House?

Some parts must be taken into account when buying or building a tiny house or simply wanting to rent it. Some houses may not have toilets and sinks as they are built for a day. For this reason, considering the time you will spend, you should make sure it is at a level that meets all your needs.



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