Awesome Tiny House Floor Plan with Balcony

Awesome Tiny House Floor Plan with Balcony

A house is important not only for the comfort of its inhabitants but also for architectural aesthetics and functionality. Tiny houses, in particular, have to meet every need by using limited space most effectively. A wonderful tiny house with a balcony can provide a spacious and useful living space even in a small space. In this article, we will focus on the floor plan of this style of house.

The ground floor of the wonderful tiny house with a balcony has an open plan. This makes the space appear larger and provides easy access to every corner of the homeowner. When you enter through the entrance door, there is a kitchen on the left. The kitchen has a compact design, equipped with modern appliances. In this way, a kitchen space that is both functional and stylish is achieved.

The kitchen is combined with the living room. The living room is furnished with a comfortable sofa, a few chairs, and a coffee table. A television and a bookshelf can also be found in this area. Large windows allow natural light in and make the space feel larger. There is also a glass door through which the balcony is accessed.

The balcony is a charming feature of the tiny house. This outdoor space is the perfect space to relax, enjoy the view, or grow plants. The small size of the balcony is designed to match the scale of the tiny house but is still functional.

Another important area on the ground floor is the bathroom. It is equipped with a modern shower, sink, and toilet. This bathroom is a useful and aesthetically pleasing space. Additionally, a storage cabinet can be found on the ground floor, ensuring that items are stored in an orderly manner.

On the first floor, there is a bedroom. The bedroom is designed to accommodate a decent-sized bed, a closet, and even extra furniture such as a desk or armchair. Large windows provide natural light into the bedroom and create a spacious atmosphere.
Awesome Tiny House Floor Plan with Balcony

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A balcony directly accessed from the first-floor bedroom is the perfect spot to unwind from the day or drink your morning coffee. The balcony allows you to enjoy the view outside and expands the outdoor living of the tiny house.

This floor plan was designed with the aesthetics in mind as well as the functionality of each space. In combination with modern furniture and decoration elements, it emphasizes the character of each room. It also gives tiny homeowners plenty of opportunity to add their personal touches.

This floor plan of the wonderful tiny house with a balcony allows not only to neatly design the interior but also to make the outdoor space usable. This allows homeowners to switch between indoor and outdoor spaces in all seasons.

As a result, this wonderful tiny house floor plan with a balcony combines the functionality and aesthetics of living space, making the most effective use of limited space. Combined with modern design elements, this house offers a living space that is not only compact but also stylish and comfortable. This plan, where every detail is carefully considered, serves as an inspiring example for those who want to make their tiny house dreams come true.



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