Tiny House With A Great Floor Plan

Tiny House With A Great Floor Plan

Also known as tiny house, mobile home or tiny house; These are houses with and without wheels, designed with minimalism principles and maximum function in limited space. The tiny house movement aims to live in minimalist houses, with less spending and less damage to the environment; It is a spontaneous social movement to develop ideas, architectural solutions, products and solidarity groups. It started to develop especially in western countries during the 2008-2012 Global Economic Crisis. Sleeping at night with an incredible view of the stars. The first rays of the sun in the morning seeping through the window at the bedside and gently waking you up without the need for an alarm clock. Enjoying breakfast alone with nature, accompanied by a hot tea or coffee as soon as you wake up. Yes, we are talking about the privileges of owning a tiny house.

Tiny House With A Great Floor Plan


  1. Kimberly Yates says:

    LOVE IT, SO BRIGHT AND SPACIOUS I could live in this forever!!!💜🖤💜

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