Small House Design 30 Sqm

Small House Design 30 Sqm

Today, a trend is observed in which smaller and more practical living spaces are preferred instead of large houses. Small houses designed with a minimalist approach, meeting only the basic needs, fit perfectly into the modern lifestyle. In this article, we will consider a 30-square-meter small house design that combines elegance and functionality in a limited space.

This exemplary design has an interior arrangement that draws attention with its clever and creative uses. The entrance area features an open wardrobe and shelving, while they also serve as a partition and are separated by a seating area. Thus, the limited space is utilized to the maximum extent.

The living area is designed as a multifunctional space. A part of the wall is decorated with stone cladding, creating a focal point. An original sofa bed can be used to transform the sitting area into a bed at night, providing storage space underneath. The desk has a foldable design and can be easily opened and closed when needed. To facilitate the transition between living and working areas, the furniture is minimalist and functional.

The kitchen area is compactly designed and includes cabinets and shelves arranged along the wall to save space. Equipped with an integrated hob, sink, and mini fridge, the kitchen offers enough space to meet the basic needs of the users. It also has storage space above and below the counter.

The bathroom area also plays an important role in this tiny house design. The bathroom, which has a narrow space, is arranged in a modern and functional way. The shower cabin, washbasin, and toilet are placed in an orderly manner and unnecessary use of space is avoided. Storage solutions such as shelves or cabinets for bathroom items make the most of limited space.

This 30 square meters tiny house design not only meets the basic needs but also combines elegance and functionality. Designed with a minimalist and smart arrangement approach, this house can be an inspiring example for those who want to make the most of their living space. Living in a small house can be an ideal option for those who want to adopt a simple and minimalist lifestyle.
Small House Design 30 Sqm

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This 30 square-meter tiny house design was also designed with natural lighting in mind. Large windows make the room feel spacious and bright. Having a minimalist design and choosing light fabrics for curtains provides privacy while letting in natural light.

One of the most important features of this tiny house design is the storage solutions. To make maximum use of the limited space, shelves, drawers, and cabinets integrated into the walls were used. There are also hidden storage areas under the bed and the sofa bed. This way, the homeowner can store their belongings neatly and keep the room looking tidy.

Colors also play an important role in the design of this small 30-square-meter house. Light and neutral tones are preferred, resulting in a more spacious feeling. White walls allow the room to expand, while wood and natural textured details add warmth and character. Keeping the furniture in the same color palette provides a harmonious look.

For those considering the outdoors, a patio or outdoor seating area can also be considered alongside this tiny home. Thus, the opportunity to spend time outside in the summer months is offered and the living space is further expanded.

All in all, this 30 square-meter tiny house design shows how limited space can be used effectively while combining practicality, elegance, and functionality. Suitable for the modern lifestyle, this design can be inspiring for those who prefer to live with a minimalist approach. Living in a small house is a great option for those who want to live a more organized life with less furniture.



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