Simple Tiny House Design of 90 Square Meters

Simple Tiny House Design of 90 Square Meters

Nowadays, people are increasing their interest in simple and practical living spaces. This trend has increased the popularity of simple tiny houses with an area of ​​​​90 square meters. These tiny houses not only optimize living space in a limited space but also support a sustainable and economical lifestyle. In this article, we will examine the design of a tiny house of 90 square meters.

First of all, combining functionality and aesthetics is at the forefront of the design of this tiny house. At the entrance, there is a large window door, which draws in natural light, making the house feel spacious and bright. Wooden flooring and light color tones add warmth and naturalness to the space and also help the space feel larger.

This 90 square meter tiny house has a multi-purpose open plan layout. The kitchen, living room, and dining area are organically combined within the same space. Practical storage solutions and smart furniture choices allow the best use of limited space. Shelves and hidden storage areas integrated into the walls allow homeowners to organize and display their belongings without leaving any wasted space.

The modular furniture used in the interior of the tiny house can be arranged and changed according to the needs of the user. This allows homeowners to transform their living spaces and make them suitable for different functions. For example, a desk can be opened while also being used as a storage unit.

Energy efficiency is also an important element of design. Solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and a high degree of insulation help reduce energy costs while minimizing the home’s environmental impact. Additionally, the use of environmentally friendly materials supports a sustainable lifestyle.

Outdoor space is also an integral part of the design. Around this 90 square meter tiny house, there are outdoor areas such as a garden and a terrace. These spaces, intertwined with nature, offer homeowners the opportunity to relax and enjoy. Additionally, the garden landscaped with various plant species creates a natural atmosphere.
Simple Tiny House Design of 90 Square Meters

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The natural materials used on the exterior of the house and the design with modern lines create integrity in harmony with its surroundings. Wooden coverings, stone textures, and energy-efficient windows enrich the exterior of the house and also stand out as a reflection of an environmentally friendly approach.

The bathroom and bedroom inside were designed with a focus on comfort and practicality. The bedroom is optimized with details such as storage areas and drawers under the bed. The bathroom, on the other hand, is equipped with a compact but functional arrangement and offers comfortable use with modern fixtures and smart storage solutions.

Large windows allow homeowners to draw in natural light, allowing the interior to integrate with the exterior landscape. Additionally, these windows are strategically placed to save energy in the home and brighten the interior. Curtains and blinds arranged according to the movement of the sun, especially throughout the day, keep the interior cool and bright while minimizing energy costs.

The technological aspect of the tiny house is not ignored. Smart home systems optimize systems inside the house such as heating, cooling, and lighting. These systems provide homeowners with remote control, increasing energy efficiency and making the living space more comfortable.

The outdoor design is arranged in harmony with the general concept of the tiny house. Outdoor seating areas, a barbecue corner, and a garden on the terrace offer homeowners the opportunity to spend time outside and organize social activities. Additionally, water-saving landscaping and the use of local plant species play an effective role in creating an environmentally friendly outdoor space.



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