Restored 70 Sqm Tiny House

Restored 70 Sqm Tiny House

Completely renovated, this small 70 square meter house has undergone an impressive transformation, offering all the comforts of modern living. While not a magnificent restored home, this unassuming home has become a charming example with a simple and minimalist design.

The restoration process of the house aimed to adopt a contemporary style while preserving the texture of the past. As a first step, the old and worn materials in the building were carefully cleaned and replaced with new ones. While wooden floors were restored to reveal their natural beauty, cracked and damaged walls were also repaired and revived with a new coat of paint.

One of the great features of this tiny house is that it has a spacious and open plan. The living room, kitchen, and dining area were arranged to form an integrated space. While the large windows let natural light fill the interior, the use of white tones and natural materials made the space appear more spacious and bright.

The kitchen was renovated in a modern style and conveniently arranged. Glossy white cabinets, granite counters, and a stylish backsplash create an elegant atmosphere in the kitchen, while clever storage solutions have been added for ease of use. At the same time, the kitchen island functions as a cooking and socializing area.

The restored bathroom of the house also gained a modern look. Stylish ceramics, a clear glass shower stall, and a minimalist-style washbasin made the bathroom a spacious and relaxing space. Natural lighting and a proper ventilation system create a fresh feeling in the bathroom, while useful storage areas are not forgotten.

The bedroom has been carefully designed for rest. Light colors and simple decoration were preferred to create a spacious atmosphere. Wide windows bring natural views inside, while comfortable beds and storage areas offer a functional living space.
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Restored 70 Sqm Tiny House

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This restored 70 square meters tiny house is ideal for those who want to maintain modern living in a small space. It sets an inspiring example for individuals. The homeowners have optimized the space using smart storage solutions and multi-purpose furniture to make maximum use of each space.

The exterior is also considered as part of the restoration process. A small courtyard or terrace is equipped with natural plants and simple furniture, creating a peaceful space. This area offers the perfect environment to sit, read a book or sip your coffee.

This restored 70 square meters small house has succeeded in creating a functional and stylish living space with a minimalist approach. It provides a balance between aesthetics and practicality, removing the limitations of small houses. Modern details, natural materials, and a spacious design reveal the unique character of the house.

The story of this small house is the result of careful work and design during the restoration process. Reviving an old building and giving it a new life means establishing a link between both history and modern life.

As a result, the restored 70 square meters tiny house stands out as an ideal example for those seeking minimalism and modernity. This home offers comfort and style even in limited space, inspiring those who want to discover the beauty of tiny home living.



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