Only 3 X 6 Meters Tiny House Design Idea

Only 3 X 6 Meters Tiny House Design Idea

Living in a 3 x 6 meter space may seem quite limiting, but with the right design principles you can make the most of this space. Here are the basic principles of this design:

Use of Space: The most important element of a small house is the effective use of space. By carefully planning each square meter, you can create storage areas and living spaces.

Openness and Light: Large windows and open concept design can make your tiny house feel larger. Keeping natural light at maximum levels will make your home brighter and more inviting.


Bedroom design in a tiny house can often include space-saving elements such as loft beds, folding beds, or bed-integrated storage solutions. Covering a section of the wall with full-length mirrors makes the room appear larger.

Kitchen and Dining Area

The kitchen and dining area should be functional and useful. Wall-mounted shelves and lightweight, foldable table and chair sets can optimize this space. Additionally, multi-purpose benches and storage solutions can also save lives.

Seating Area

A small seating area should be arranged wisely. Foldable furniture and multi-purpose furniture pieces save space in this area. It is also important to expand the interior space by connecting it to the outdoors with large windows.

Bathroom and Toilet

The bathroom and toilet of a tiny house should be compact and functional. Using a shower curtain instead of a shower stall makes the space look larger. Space-saving sink and storage solutions should also be considered.

Storage Solutions

Storage spaces are vital in tiny houses. Under-bed storage, wall shelves, built-in closets, and built-in storage can help with this.

Outdoor Use

Outdoor use is also important in tiny houses. A patio or terrace can be the perfect place to expand your living space. Planters and outdoor seating areas can make your tiny house more attractive.
Only 3 X 6 Meters Tiny House Design Idea

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Energy efficiency and sustainability also play an important role in tiny house design. By using solar panels on the roof, you can reduce energy costs and adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle. Additionally, you can minimize heating and cooling costs by using high-quality insulation materials.

Furniture and decoration choices are also important in a small house. Light colors and simple designs can be preferred to increase functionality and make the space appear more spacious. You can make your living space more useful by using space-saving furniture solutions such as foldable furniture or wall-mounted shelves.

In a tiny house, every room can be used for more than one purpose. For example, the living room can also serve as a guest bedroom. To achieve this, you can use transformable furniture or curtained partitions.

It’s important to add personal touches when living in a tiny house. Specially designed wall decorations, artworks, and shelves where you can display your memories help you personalize your living space.



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