Modern 72 Sqm Farmhouse

Modern 72 Sqm Farmhouse

Bringing together the peace of nature and the comfort of modern life, this stylish 72-square-meter farmhouse draws attention with its eye-catching architecture and functional design. Located in the heart of nature, this house offers the peaceful life you dream of with its unique style.

The house adds elegance to its surroundings with its modern architectural lines, where natural stones are elegantly blended on its exterior. Large windows allow plenty of natural light to enter, adding freshness and warmth to the farmhouse interiors. The entire house brings the surrounding natural beauty inside, creating a perfect harmony between the interior and the exterior.

A large veranda offers a warm welcome at the entrance and offers a wonderful space where you can enjoy breakfast in the morning accompanied by the chirping of birds. The veranda also serves as a resting and socializing area where you can have pleasant moments with your family and guests.

Home interior design combines modern and minimalist lines. The open-plan kitchen and living room create a spacious environment and offer a comfortable space for family members to spend time together. The kitchen is equipped with state-of-the-art appliances, allowing you to have pleasant moments while cooking. The fireplace in the living room turns your home into a warm home during the winter months, while at the same time attracting attention as a decorative element.

Moving on to other parts of the house, we encounter a modern bathroom and a stylish bedroom. The bedroom is decorated with soothing colors and offers a peaceful space where you can relieve the tiredness of the day. The adequacy of the cupboards and storage areas provides the opportunity to store your belongings in an organized and easily accessible manner.

This 72-square-meter farmhouse has a large garden outside. The garden can be arranged as an area where you can explore the natural beauties and plants. Here, you can adopt a natural and healthy lifestyle by growing your organic produce.

As a result, the modern 72-square-meter farmhouse offers the perfect option for those who love to live in harmony with nature. With its aesthetic architecture, functionality of the interiors, and harmony with the natural environment, this house offers one of the most beautiful reflections of simple life. Every moment you spend here will bring you peace and happiness.
Modern 72 Sqm Farmhouse

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With a closer look at the days spent at the farmhouse, it becomes a real pleasure to start each morning with the most beautiful colors of nature. Breakfasts, accompanied by the chirping of the birds and the gentle breeze, are just one of the pleasant moments you spend with your family. The freshness of organic vegetables and fruits in the garden adds a different flavor to your meals and helps you develop a healthy eating habits.

The natural beauties near the house offer an environment where you and your family can go for nature walks, organize bike rides, or picnics whenever they wish. The surrounding green areas allow your children to play their games with peace of mind and allow them to have fun in the open air.

In the evening, sitting on the patio with the magnificent view of the sunset is a great opportunity to unwind. Chatting with your loved ones or just enjoying the silence under the stars in the sky is a real privilege in the peaceful atmosphere of the modern farmhouse.

The lifestyle offered by the farmhouse includes not only being in touch with nature but also adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Meeting the energy need of the house from renewable energy sources such as solar panels or wind turbines represents an environmentally friendly approach and contributes to the protection of natural resources.

In addition, the water resources around the farmhouse can be used for garden irrigation and the needs of the house. Rainwater harvesting systems support sustainability by effectively using this valuable natural resource.



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