Elegant Tiny House Design Floor Plan

Elegant Tiny House Design Floor Plan

Elegant Tiny Houses have become increasingly popular in recent years. While these houses attract attention with their compact dimensions, they also aim to offer a useful and aesthetic living space. Let’s examine the floor plan of one of these tiny houses.

This tiny house has a modern and minimal design. The house, which has an area of ​​500 square meters, creates a spacious and comfortable feeling with its interior design. You encounter a large living area when you step through the entrance door. This area includes the living room, dining area, and open kitchen. Most of the walls are covered with glass, which allows natural light to spread more inside and makes the space look more spacious.

Right next to the living area, there is a small work corner. This is an ideal space to meet the working needs of homeowners. Especially today, when the remote working trend has become widespread, such small but useful spaces are overy important.

The bedroom is located directly opposite the living area. This arrangement gives the bedroom a more private and calm atmosphere. The bedroom has ample wardrobe space and a modern bathroom. The bathroom is designed stylishly and functionally. The shower area is separated by glass partitions and has useful storage areas.

One of the other important areas in the house is the terrace. You can find the opportunity to spend time outdoors on the terrace. The terrace is equipped with green plants and seating areas, thus creating a pleasant relaxation area. In addition, the terrace offers a separate living space from the interior and gives homeowners a different atmosphere experience.
Elegant Tiny House Design Floor Plan

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Let’s take a closer look at the design details in the house. The living room is furnished with comfortable and stylish furniture. The seats are covered with soft-touch fabrics and offer comfortable seating areas. Details such as side tables and bookshelves provide a decorative appearance while increasing functionality.

The dining area is equipped with a modern dining table and chairs. Having enough space around the table offers hosts a comfortable dining experience. The open kitchen is equipped with stylish countertops and storage areas. Modern kitchen appliances and a tidy arrangement increase efficiency in the kitchen.

The work corner is equipped with an ergonomic table and chair. This space provides a quiet environment for homeowners to focus on work or hobbies. At the same time, large glazed windows allow natural light to spread more inside and increase working efficiency.

The bedroom has a calm and peaceful atmosphere. A wide bed and a stylish headboard create the ideal environment for relaxation. Wardrobe space allows clothes to be stored neatly and makes the space look more spacious. The modern bathroom is furnished with luxurious details. The stylish sink unit, large mirrors, and modern fixtures complete the aesthetic appearance of the bathroom.

The terrace offers homeowners the opportunity to relax and entertain outdoors. Equipped with seating groups and plants, the terrace creates a pleasant atmosphere and offers a different experience from the interior of the house.



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