90m2 Design Idea House

90m2 Design Idea House

Whether you are a young couple, a newly married couple, or a single professional, this modern 90-square-meter home design will allow you to enjoy spacious and stylish living spaces. This cleverly thought-out home makes the most of every square foot, combining functionality and aesthetics perfectly.

The house welcomes you with a bright and spacious open-plan layout. By using large windows and light colors, natural light is allowed to enter the room at the maximum level. The living room and the kitchen are designed together to welcome guests and create a comfortable living space. The modern furnishings and minimalist decoration style fit into the overall aesthetic of the house.

The kitchen offers a modern cooking experience with a functional island design. Sleek worktops and floor-to-ceiling storage add to the style and utility of the kitchen. For those who love to cook, the kitchen offers all the facilities you need to create the meals of your dreams.

Bedrooms in the house are designed for comfort and tranquility. The master bedroom comes with a large wardrobe space, while the second bedroom can be transformed into a multi-purpose space that can be used for guests or as a study. The interior design has been conceived to have a simple and minimalist style, thus creating a feeling of serenity and spaciousness in any room.

The bathroom is designed to give a luxurious and modern spa feel. A spacious shower cabin and an elegant bathtub allow you to relieve the stress of the day. Useful storage areas and aesthetic touches offer both functionality and elegance in the bathroom.
90m2 Design Idea House

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Finally, another highlight of this 90-square-foot home is the outdoor living area. A balcony or terrace provides a relaxing atmosphere on sunny days and allows you to spend time outside. Decorate with plants, flowers, and relaxing furnitureThe outdoor living area is designed in harmony with the interior of the house. In this area, you can have a pleasant breakfast, sip your afternoon tea with your friends or watch the sunset in the evenings. Green plants and pretty decorative elements make your outdoor living space more inviting.

This modern 90-square-meter house design combines functionality and aesthetics to offer you a spacious and stylish life. Clever use of space makes the most of every square foot, while the open-plan layout and large windows let in natural light. The minimalist decoration style completes the overall aesthetic of the house.

The kitchen in this home offers a modern cooking experience, while the bedrooms are designed for comfort and tranquility. The bathroom gives the feeling of a luxurious and relaxing spa, while the outdoor living area allows you to enjoy the outdoors in harmony with the interiors of the house.

If you are dreaming of a 90-square-meter house, this modern and stylish design might impress you. This house, where every detail is carefully considered, invites you to a spacious living space.


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    The Best Tiny House design

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    Where and how?

  3. Staci says:

    Is this a 3 bedroom home like it shows or just a 2 bdrm? There are no pics of the third bdrm.

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