90 Square Feet Simple Tiny House Floor Plan

90 Square Feet Simple Tiny House Floor Plan

An area of ​​90 square meters provides a very useful and comfortable living space for a house. A house of this size can be designed for the modern lifestyle and contain all the necessary features. A home of this square meter size may offer extra features such as two built-in bedrooms, a bathroom, a large living room, a kitchen, and perhaps a study or additional storage space.

The entryway offers a welcoming welcome into the house. When the door opens, guests have a view of a spacious living room and kitchen. The living room can be furnished with a comfortable sofa and chairs, while also providing a cozy gathering space for homeowners and guests. Large windows allow natural light in and make the home feel spacious and bright.

The kitchen is a functional space equipped with modern appliances. Countertop space offers plenty of storage and provides ample room for meal prep. The kitchen island is the perfect place for dining or social interaction with additional counter space and bar stools. The kitchen has an open plan with the living room, allowing the homeowners to interact with guests.

Bedrooms offer homeowners a comfortable sleeping and resting area. The master bedroom may often be slightly larger than the other bedroom and may include a closet or walk-in closet. The other bedroom can be used as an ideal space for children or a guest room. Both bedrooms let in natural light with their window arrangements and provide a comfortable atmosphere.

The bathroom is a functional space equipped with modern fixtures. It may include a sink, toilet, and shower, and in some cases provide space for a small washer and dryer. The bathroom should be designed to be clean and tidy so that homeowners can find a comfortable space to relax and meet their daily personal care needs.

An extra study or storage space can offer homeowners additional usage options. This space can be used as an ideal office space for those who need to work from home or as extra storage for those who need additional storage. The function of this space may vary depending on the homeowners’ personal preferences and needs.
90 Square Feet Simple Tiny House Floor Plan

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Nowadays, it has become a trend for living spaces to be smaller and more functional. With this trend, the floor plan of a simple tiny house of 90 square meters has become an ideal option for those who embrace the modern lifestyle. This floor plan is remarkable in terms of both aesthetics and functionality.

The entrance to the house is greeted by a large porch. The porch provides a pleasant transition between the home’s exterior and interior and offers a warm welcome to guests. The entrance hall has an open plan and integrates with the living room, kitchen, and dining area. These spaces have a spacious and bright atmosphere, and large windows and natural lighting support this atmosphere.

The living room is the perfect space for relaxing and socializing. A minimalist style has been adopted and it is decorated with modern furniture and a warm color palette. Some of the walls are decorated with natural stone or wood veneers, which increases the character of the room.

The kitchen combines functionality and elegance. The kitchen countertops have a modern design and are equipped with large storage areas and state-of-the-art home appliances. At the same time, the kitchen island can be used as an additional workspace during meal preparation and as a bar counter for serving food.

The dining area is located between the kitchen and the living room and has a spacious atmosphere. A large dining table is the ideal place to enjoy delightful meals with family and guests. Next to the dining area, there is a veranda that can be easily integrated with the outdoors thanks to a sliding glass door.



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