75 Sqm Enormous Beautiful Cottage

75 Sqm Enormous Beautiful Cottage

This 75 square meter beauty, a dream country house, is the dream of anyone looking for a quiet break in the arms of nature. Located with stunning views, this house has an original design that blends modern and rustic elements.

This cottage has an architecture that uses wood and stone materials to blend in with the surroundings. Its roof is equipped with large windows and invites natural light inside. There is a small veranda in front of the house, which offers an ideal space to soak up the sun or read a pleasant book.

Inside, there is a spacious living room and dining area. Thanks to the large windows, the light entering the interior illuminates the area, while at the same time bringing the beauty of nature inside. Rustic wooden floors fill the house with a natural and warm atmosphere. The fireplace is placed in the center of the room and offers warmth and romance in the cool evenings of the house.

The open-plan kitchen is designed in a modern style and combines functionality and elegance. Wooden cabinets and natural stone countertops add a natural touch to the kitchen, while modern appliances and equipment offer users an excellent kitchen experience.

The bedroom is an area where calmness and peace prevail and offers the opportunity to look at nature through a large window. A comfortable bed, soft colors, and natural textures invite visitors for a restful sleep. In addition, a bathroom with a shower and a toilet with modern features are among the interiors of this house.

This enormously beautiful country house also offers many enjoyable outdoor possibilities. A large garden is ideal for nature walks. The sun loungers and outdoor dining area provide the perfect setting for enjoying summertime with friends and family.

This 75 square meter country house offers a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life with its charming nature, modern and rustic design. The time you spend here allows you to relax and renew, bringing you closer to nature.
75 Sqm Enormous Beautiful Cottage

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Surrounded by natural beauty, this charming country house offers an activity-filled accommodation experience. For those who love to walk, the surrounding forest areas are waiting to be explored, while for bicycle lovers, pedals can be cycled with magnificent views.

Water sources such as a river or lake near the house can also be an attraction for those who love fishing. Here you can have a quiet fishing experience and enjoy nature. Also, the surrounding nature parks and nature reserves make it a perfect spot for bird watchers. You can discover rare species as well as native bird species.

Taking advantage of the location of the cottage, you can visit the surrounding villages and towns. Here you can experience the hospitality of the local people and have the opportunity to taste local delicacies. You can wander around the markets where handcrafted products are sold and witness traditional handicrafts.

In the evening, you can sit on the terrace or in the garden to watch the sun go down. You can gather with your friends under the stars in the sky and collect unforgettable memories. The peace of being away from the noise of city life will make your stay at the cottage truly unique.

This stunning 75-square-meter country house is the perfect option for those seeking peace and tranquility in the lap of nature. Aesthetically stunning, this house will attract you with its modern amenities and rustic charm. The time you spend here will allow you to integrate with the beauty of nature and revitalize your soul.



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