72 Sqm Tiny House With Swimming Pool

72 Sqm Tiny House With Swimming Pool

Imagine yourself in a peaceful life and a modern design. This tiny house with a swimming pool occupies a compact area of ​​just 72 square meters, but the possibilities it offers will surprise you.

From the outside, this house has a contemporary style to draw you in. It attracts attention with its elegant lines and smooth coating. At the entrance, a pleasant veranda greets you. Here is the perfect space to soak up the sun or host your friends for a pleasant dinner.

The interiors in the house are as functional and aesthetically appealing as they are small. When you step through the door, a spacious living room and dining area welcome you. Thanks to the large windows, it allows natural light to fill in and makes the interior appear more spacious. A minimalist style is adopted, so you can keep your belongings organized and make the space feel spacious.

The kitchen is designed like a chef’s kitchen, equipped with modern equipment. Shiny countertops, stylish cabinets, and cutting-edge appliances make cooking enjoyable. It also helps you keep your kitchen organized by providing practical storage areas and smart organization solutions.

The bedroom offers a relaxing atmosphere. A comfortable bed, soft lighting, and warmly decorated walls make it easy to fall asleep at night. There’s also a small space for a desk or reading nook so you can tackle your special projects or dive into your books.

But one of the most outstanding features of this house is the swimming pool located in the garden. Located next to this small house, a spacious terrace is surrounded by sun loungers and green vegetation. The swimming pool is the perfect place to cool off and de-stress on hot summer days. The area around the pool is designed as an ideal venue for outdoor dining or social gatherings.

This 72-square-foot tiny house with a swimming pool proves that having limited space is no inconvenience. The combination of modern design, functionality, and living spaces offers a comfortable life. This house, where you can enjoy your time both indoors and outdoors, offers an experience that will reshape your life.
72 Sqm Tiny House With Swimming Pool

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The bathroom has a modern and stylish style. It is equipped with a clean-lined washbasin and a spacious shower stall. High-quality faucets and ceramics complete the elegance of the bathroom. In addition, practical details such as a washing machine and dryer in the bathroom have been thought to make daily life easier.

Home storage areas take the hassle out of owning a small home. Cleverly designed cabinets and hidden compartments help you store your belongings neatly and maintain the overall order of the house. Thus, you can make full use of the space in the house and get rid of the crowd created by unnecessary items.

The energy efficiency of the house has not been overlooked either. Features such as well-insulated windows, energy-efficient lighting systems, and highly efficient heating/cooling systems ensure an environmentally friendly life while minimizing energy consumption. This allows you to save energy costs in the long run.

This small house of 72 square meters has large windows that also strengthen the connection with the outside. Natural light can enter the interior in abundance, giving the house a spacious atmosphere. Also, the landscaping around the house is full of green spaces and vegetation, so you can live a life in touch with nature.

As a result, this 72 square meter tiny house with a swimming pool combines many features such as modern design, functionality, convenience, and energy efficiency. Fitted in a compact space, this house offers you a comfortable life, while not forgetting the outdoor life. Creative arrangements and cleverly used spaces provide a big living experience even in a small house.



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