36m2 Detailed Tiny House Project

36m2 Detailed Tiny House Project

In recent years, with the rise of the simple and sustainable lifestyle, the tiny house movement has gained popularity. Tiny houses stand out as practical and aesthetic structures designed with minimalism and an environmentally friendly approach, providing maximum living comfort in small spaces. In this article, we will consider the detailed tiny house project of 36 square meters.

The 36-square-meter tiny house project has been designed with an approach that emphasizes the unity of functionality and aesthetics. Although the house has a compact appearance from the outside, it aims to offer a large and spacious atmosphere inside. At the entrance, natural light is allowed to enter through wooden doors and large windows. The exterior creates a warm atmosphere with natural stone coverings and wooden details.

The house has an open living layout where there is a multi-purpose space. The entrance area is a spacious space that includes the kitchen and living area. The white paint of the walls and the light wooden floor make the space appear larger. The kitchen adds functionality with cleverly designed storage units, compact appliances, and modern countertops. While the living area is furnished with comfortable and minimalist furniture, it is possible to enjoy the natural scenery thanks to the large windows.

In the 36-square-meter tiny house project, the bedroom has been specially designed to offer a comfortable sleeping area. A raised platform offers storage solutions integrated into the bed, while a large window draws in natural light. Storage makes the best use of every space through a minimal lifestyle.

The bathroom includes all the necessary features with its compact design. While the walls are covered with white ceramic tiles, storage space is created thanks to cleverly arranged shelves and cabinets. Modern fixtures and functional mirrors increase the functionality and aesthetics of the bathroom.

Outside the house, it is also possible to add a terrace or garden area, considering the exterior of the 36-square-meter tiny house project. This area supports a lifestyle intertwined with nature by spending time outdoors.
36m2 Detailed Tiny House Project

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The detailed 36 square meters tiny house project stands out with its functionality in the interior and aesthetics of the exterior. In addition, energy efficiency and sustainability are also key elements of design. The house can be equipped with solar panels and can produce its energy. With rainwater collection systems, water can be saved and an environmentally friendly structure can be created with the use of natural materials.

The 36-square-meter tiny house project offers a design that offers possibilities for customization and customization. Homeowners can customize the interior arrangement and color palette to suit their tastes. At the same time, they can rearrange their living space as they wish, thanks to modular furniture and storage solutions.

The lighting and ventilation of the space has also been carefully considered. Large windows allow natural light to enter throughout the day and help the interior feel more spacious and bright. At the same time, thanks to natural ventilation systems, a clean and healthy air flow is provided inside the house.

The 36 square meter tiny house project can not only be an ideal living space for singles or couples but also a suitable workspace for professionals working remotely. Multi-purpose areas in the house can be used as a desk or studio corner, thus creating an efficient working environment.

This tiny house project is also an example that reflects social responsibility awareness. Reduced land use and energy consumption can reduce negative impacts on the environment. Also, as tiny houses grow in popularity, they can promote an eco-friendly lifestyle with less material use and waste generation.



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